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Available in 2lb bags or by the jar. Default selection is our 2lb bag.
Petite Princess Amber
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Price: $8.50

Shipping Weight: 32.00 ounces
Popcorn in Jar - add $2.00
This special variety of popcorn is so small and rare, so difficult and costly to grow that only one farming Family in Iowa has the patience to coax this miniature marvel from Mother Earth. For over 100 years this coveted seed has been planted on the family farm in Iowa. It will produce only 1500 pounds per acre of land compared to the 10,000 pounds of a large yellow. Rich Iowa soil, Nature’s rainwater and a family’s tradition and hope are the key elements that bring you Crown Jewel’s Petite Princess Amber, the words smallest popcorn. This the lightest, crunchiest, and tastiest popcorn you will ever try.
Also Hulless!

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Old Fashioned Popcorn Popper
Price: $29.95
Quantity in Basket:  none
The Best Popper Ever!
For the true popcorn lover who wants perfect popcorn every time -- just like movie theaters! Your family will love our stove top popcorn popper. Made on a farm in IN these hand-assembled, old fashioned, popcorn poppers are constructed with a hardwood handle - through the handle, stainless steel, aluminum pan, bottom stirring system and indestructible nylon gears. Our popper features a split lid top for easy pouring. The built-in steam vents eliminate soggy popcorn! Unique, patented hand-crank stainless steel stirring paddle coats every kernel for a healthy, great taste - with less oil! With as little as 4 1/2 fat grams in 6 quarts of popcorn - it makes a wonderful healthy snack the whole family can enjoy. Our unique popper prevents burning so every kernel pops up to 42 times its original size - that's twice as fast as a microwave and a lot more fun! Will stand up to years of use. You will love popping with our popper. It's also a wonderful kitchen decoration and conversation piece!

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